About Us

RAYANTO is an IT based crowdfunding real estate development company that was established with three goals in mind:

  • To bridge the gap between funding a real estate project and building the said project.
  • To deliver innovative, world-class, yet highly affordable developments that create value to all our stakeholders.
  • To provide everyone a platform to invest in our projects, make returns on their investments and become landlords.

RAYANTO’s operations are driven by a vision to deliver unique developments, be it low cost mass housing, middle class housing, luxury housing, commercial structures and infrastructural projects that contribute to the built environment though a culture which embraces a team based and “customer first” approach.

At RAYANTO, we believe that every person irrespective of their financial background can become a landlord or partial landlord through our platform. We take pride in our ability to not only help land owners in getting maximum value from their land, but we also ensure that the public who invest make as much profits on their investments in an asset whose value only appreciates over time.

We are driven by the belief that there is always a better way to do things. We believe our commitment to excellence will pave the path to sustained success in the industry by completely disrupting the way real estate investments are carried out.

Our Mission:To provide affordable housing to people of all financial brackets and to enrich our investors no matter how little they invest.

Our Vision:To provide every single person with an affordable home and alternative source of income.

What we do?

RAYANTO unlike other real estate companies is an all-encompassing organization. We provide the following:

  • Project financing
  • Project Design
  • Project Construction
  • Project Management
  • Project investment platform

We ensure our clients, be they land owners or crowd investors have complete and secure access to our services. We provide all support structures that enable us work on a project from design to turn key.


How does RAYANTO work?

Step 1: Create an account.

Step 2:  Link your bank account for repayments.

Step 3: View and select a project to invest in from the project portfolio.

Step 4: Invest/Buy shares in a project of your choice.

Step 5: Monitor the project remotely and once project is complete, your returns will be automatically transferred to your account.